Haynes started out playing acoustic blues and folk in cafés and bars around the north of England. Following a move to the capital he formed trio Alex Haynes & the Fever towards the end of 2006. A debut, the mini-album/EP ‘Last Train’, was released in Jan of 2011.

‘This reviewer’s album of the month comes in the shape of inspirational and off-the-wall blues by Alex Haynes and pals… once in the machine it’s very difficult to turn off the hypnosis… there is plenty to distract and engage. Strikingly original, this is neologism blues for those wishing to extend the boundary.’

Blues Matters review

‘Skewed Blues: Out of the smoke… comes Alex Haynes, he’s got the blues in his soul and no desire to make it easy for you. That cigarettes and whiskey atmosphere is… effectively invoked. Following a path with undeniable authority…’

Bluesbunny.com review

On the strength of tracks from the debut, publishing company ‘Massive Talent‘ got in touch. They said he could,

‘…persuade Captain Beefheart to come back from heaven…’

This led to an acoustic version of the track ‘Last Train’ being used in an online campaign for VW Beetle.

View the MassiveTalent profile here.

In 2015 Alex released ‘Bandit Blues Motel’

‘…ten original numbers that remain close to the faith of early acoustic bluesmen of old… hauntingly primeval… in the best traditions of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. Gnashing and gnarling, rough-hewn strutting guitar… jarring and foot-tapping. Impressive!’ – Blues Matters (Bandit Blues Motel review)  

Performing live…

regularly and widely, having played not only across London and the UK but also in Amsterdam, Vienna and Moscow and trips across Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Both solo and as a performing musician, Alex has played prestigious venues such as the iconic Astoria in central London (supporting Alabama3), Bush Hall in London’s Shepherd’s Bush (both as a soloist and performing with the band Oh Ruin supporting Alberta Cross) and at UK festivals including, the End of the Road Festival and the Moseley Folk Festival with Oh Ruin and Red Rooster Festival and Fieldview Festival as Alex Haynes & the Fever.

On the first and third Monday of each month Alex plays a solo residency at The Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch

Take a look at the youtube channels for videos and the facebook page for the most up-to-date info.