Haynes started out playing acoustic blues and folk in cafés and bars around the north of England, going on to form Alex Haynes & the Fever after moving to London. He self-released a debut, the mini-album/EP ‘Last Train’, in Jan ’11, followed by the album, ‘Bandit Blues Motel’ in Dec ’14. His latest album,‘Howl’, was released on Appaloosa Records in March ’18.

Originally from Leeds, he studied Music Production in Newcastle then spent a dozen years in the capital before dividing his last three years between London and Sheffield.

The singer/guitarist draws influence from the ‘60s British blues boom, ‘50s R&B and Rock ’n’ Roll, and blues artists such as RL Burnside and John Lee Hooker.

He recently supported US R&B legend Geno Washington, and has supported artists including R&B/bluesman Big Boy Bloater, blues/dance act Alabama3, and country-punk outfit Lucero.

‘Flickering with a beat last heard in the most dirty and genuine of the early-‘60s English bands… Shifting from John Lee Hooker and Elmore James, to the hill country blues of RL Burnside… hypnotic blues boogie drifting into ‘60s psych.’ – Buscadero on ‘Howl’

‘Sparse sounding electric guitar and keyboards, over which hauntingly primeval vocals rise up… in the best traditions of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker.’ – Blues Matters on ‘Bandit Blues Motel’ 

‘This reviewer’s album of the month comes in the shape of inspirational and off-the-wall blues… there is plenty to distract and engage. Strikingly original, this is neologism blues for those wishing to extend the boundary.’ – Blues Matters on ‘Last Train’

In 2011 publishing company ‘Massive Talent‘ used an acoustic version of the track ‘Last Train’ for an online VW Beetle campaign. They said he could,

‘…persuade Captain Beefheart to come back from heaven…’

Performing live…

He performs regularly with his longstanding residency at the The Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch in London on the 1st and 3rd Monday every month, and has made frequent appearances in the UK and Europe having played across Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and in Amsterdam and Moscow. He has appeared at festivals such as Red Rooster (UK), Blues River (Italy), and the Vintage Weekender (France).

Take a look at the youtube channels for videos and the facebook page for the most up-to-date info.